Manage chronic disease instead of letting disease manage you

I'm Tomer, I'm Diabetic and my goal in life is to help you gain control over your body and over your life

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Diabetic for over 20 years

Come learn from someone who had completely balanced his Type 1 Diabetes and is coming from proven experience out of his life events

Variety of different Programs

After experimenting with countless nutrition approaches, I developed some simple programs and workshops so you can choose the one that fits you

Proven experience

Hundreds of clients who got their blood sugar back in healthy ranges, have successfully solved chronic diseases and lost those extra pounds

My Programs

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Manage your diabetes

Manage your diabetes instead of diabetes managing you. learn how to do it from a type 1 diabetic who completely normalised his own Blood Glucose

תומר פפה - תזונאי

Enjoy balanced blood sugars and A1C levels of A non diabetic person

Peak energy levels throughout the day and high levels of concentration and productivity

Daily fluctuations in mood will balance as well we get off the "Blood Glucose roller coaster"

Nutrition and Workouts for glycemic control which I have developed and perfected

Not just weight

I believe that in order to get to the root of the problem we must return to the metabolic health that our ancestors enjoyed until the advent of processed food. How do we do it?

We will base our eating habits on quality locally grown sources that have undergone as little processing as possible

We will balance Blood Sugar levels to normal ranges and understand how important the BG balance for improving metabolic health

The body will return to it natural physiological weight when we get to the root of the problem

Strive to replenish vital micronutrients which we less get nowadays. For example - Vitamin D and Iron in the body


As a mother of a diabetic and celiac child, an adolescent, who is coping bravely, Tomer acts like a big brother, supports, understands and advises him, Roi is very attached to him. I recommend to all diabetics, to be accompanied by Tomer, he is simply a champion.

Highly recommend Tomer. Professional approach in the field

Highly recommend Tomer's consultation, For anyone interested in a low-carb diet, balancing sugar levels and in general optimal health - Tomer's escorting process is professional and relevant and highly recommended!

Would like to highly recommend Tomer's consultation. Personalized and most professional escort!! Helps me to be attentive to my body and really understand how to take care of it and most importantly to feel good💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

I was happy to meet you Tomer !. You know how to accompany people in very important lifestyle changes. You know how to support and convey all the information needed to understand and believe in these changes. Eventually, everyone will find what is good for them and what suits them best, and that's why you're there.

Amir Meiri

highly recommend! Thank you Tomer for the advice and professional guidance!

Michael Stern

I came to Tomer a year ago, Diabetes has accompanied me for 20 years. Most of my life I have struggled with balance. Boni's menu was mostly made up of carbohydrates. The constant war between injections and carb calculation was frustrating. That's why I became interested in Delp. Tomer accompanied me and supported me throughout the process. Today I have been without carbohydrates for a year, more balanced, thinner and happier. I owe it to Tomer!! I would be happy to recommend to anyone interested... Mickey

Tomer is a professional, caring and extremely professional guy!! With a lot of knowledge and research in the field, sensitive to the customer's needs Knows how to build a menu for everyone according to their limitations in a very professional manner and an excellent sports coach!! recommended!!

Nice to meet you

I’m Tomer Pepe

I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 11 years old

  • bullet A nutrition science student at the Hebrew University and a certified Personal Trainer with a diploma of Wingate Institute.
  • bullet After arriving at the intensive care unit with life-threatening Ketoacidosis, I decided to experiment with different nutritional approaches in order to get the control back over my body and life. After a lot of trial and error I changed my lifestyle completely.
  • bullet It is important for me to convey the message that reducing carbohydrates and completely avoiding processed food and industrialized seed oils will improve the health of every person who seek that improvement in life quality.

After personal experience, experimenting with different nutritional approaches and after arriving at the intensive care unit with life-threatening acidosis, I changed my lifestyle from end to end.
It is important to me to convey the message that just as I managed to balance my diabetes completely so anyone can do it with any disease.

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