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Tomer had resolved his own conditions after years of self trail and error and scientific research. Today he is teaching others how to cure themselves from various conditions, many of them are defined by the medical community as "Uncurbable Autoimmune Diseases" or "Chronic illnesses". He is sure that if he could do it, everybody can do it.



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Tomer is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Science Student at the Hebrew University, studying to become a Clinical Nutritionist. As a kid he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
For years he was running half marathons while eating a toxic western diet loaded with carbohydrates. He reached to a point when he was feeling extremely fatigued and exhausted despite involving in sports everyday and keeping a "healthy lifestyle".
Ever since the day he discovered the power that changes in eating habits has over his life, he never stopped developing and exploring.
He began to be his own doctor, and by trial and error, he removed and added different kind of foods, especially carbs. He also started incorporating stress managing technics daily.
Today he takes care of his own health. From his eating choices to his efficient "moderate exercise" approach. All of that was self-taught. By that he is delicately solved his autoimmune conditions.
He managed to normalize his own blood sugar and reduce his A1C to normal ranges. 5 and below. Most importantly he gained Health and Energy levels that even nondiabetic people probably never had.
He is a devoted advocate and a true believer that we all masters of our own health destiny. That is what he is doing through his work by passing on that knowledge to his costumers on a daily basis.

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