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My journey with Diabetes

At the age of 11 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after arriving at the hospital tired and groggy. My blood sugar reached an astronomical value. Dealing with diabetes as a child was complex and full of learning. Over the years I believed that "I can eat anything and it will be fine" - of course I was wrong. Several years ago I ended up in the intensive care unit due to life-threatening acidosis after drinking alcohol while ignoring my blood sugar levels. After leaving the hospital I committed to myself to take responsibility for my health and my body And I managed to balance my blood sugar as well as the other indicators by combining a careful diet, training in the format of 'training in less than 20 minutes' and meditations. This combination led to a significant improvement in all the indicators and in the levels of energy and concentration. I am happy for the privilege of passing on the knowledge I have gained and There is no doubt that this knowledge is relevant to anyone who strives for optimal health

Tomer Pappe

Areas of expertise

  • Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Low carb diet
  • Accompanying diabetic children and youth
  • A1C and normal blood sugar values for diabetics
  • Strength training in "20 minutes workout" format
A student of nutrition sciences at the Hebrew University and a certified trainer on behalf of Wingate. At the age of 11, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I competed in half marathons while eating a high-carbohydrate Western diet, all while dealing with type 1 diabetes. At some point I reached a point where I started to feel less well - chronic fatigue and exhaustion were part of the routine even though I was engaged in physical activity on a daily basis And I maintained a "healthy lifestyle." The peak was when I was admitted to the intensive care unit with life-threatening acidosis. I felt like I was losing control of my health and my body. From the moment I discovered how much the food I eat affects my life and health, I never stopped researching and developing. I became my own doctor and through trial and error - I omitted and added different foods at the same time as giving the body proper rest, physically and mentally. The most significant change was the restriction of carbohydrates. Following this change, my concentration abilities and energy levels improved significantly. In addition, I started incorporating stress management and stress reduction techniques on a daily basis. Over the years as a diabetic, I have measured my blood sugar tens of thousands of times at different times, different situations and at the same time experimenting with different nutritional approaches. You can say that my life is literally a laboratory of how different foods affect blood sugar. I believe that the findings I reached are practical for anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health. Blood sugar balance is the basis for optimal long-term health for everyone, diabetics and non-diabetics. That is why it is important for me to convey the message that reducing carbohydrates and completely avoiding processed food and industrialized seed oils will help anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle. Today I take care of my health and take full responsibility for it through my approach to food, movement and fitness. I was able to balance the autoimmune conditions I was dealing with and that's how I continue to balance them to this day. I normalized my blood sugar level and reduced my A1C (average blood sugar) to the normal ranges of 5 and below. And most importantly - I gained quality of life, concentration levels and energy levels that even people without diabetes would be happy to enjoy. Today I lecture about my story and I believe that each of us is responsible for our own health destiny and it is my privilege to pass on the knowledge I have gained.

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