Thrive with Diabetes and Avoid Complications

Welcome to Tomer Pappe’s Exclusive Guide on Balancing Diabetes! I developed all the tools you need to normalize your Blood Glucose and made it easy to implement just for you, or anyone who wish to control Blood Glucose. I spent literally blood sweat and tears, so you can learn from my trial and error, which took years out of my life.


If you or a loved one is living with diabetes, you know how crucial it is to manage this condition effectively. So here it is- All the essential information, easy to implement, so you can achieve non-diabetic levels of BG and reclaim your health! it is simple by choosing Low Carb diet and other approachable adjustments.

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Meet Our Founder

Nice to meet you. My name is Tomer Pappe. I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 23 years and today after endless trial and error I am more balanced than non diabetics- 24/7, each and every second, No high, no lows and no Blood Glucose roller coaster.

And- I know exactly how to teach you the same tools so you will achieve that perfect balance yourself! It is simple, it only takes some diet changes and doses adjustments.

My A1C and my Blood Sugar levels are of a healthy person for the past 8 years and counting!


Optimized balanced diabetes

I am a Nutritionist and an enthusiastic Lecturer for the message of “Balance to each Diabetic”.

After experimenting with many different nutritional approaches and after arriving at the intensive care unit with life-threatening Ketoacidosis while ignoring my blood sugar levels – I changed my lifestyle completely.

A low carb diet got me to the point in which I am more balanced in my Blood Sugar levels than non-diabetic people. Today, after quite a few years of gaining experience in balancing other diabetics, I believe that anyone can do it.

This is the message I want to convey. I’m not only saying what I think you should do, I live by it myself and I take full responsibility for my health.

Manage your diabetes expertly

◉ Peak energy levels throughout the day and high levels of concentration and productivity

◉ Nutrition and Workouts for glycemic control which I have developed and perfected.

◉ Who said Diabetic Complications are our fate as Diabetics? Time to break that Old School dogma

◉ Daily fluctuations in mood will balance as well we get off the “Blood Glucose roller coaster”

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