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The Program that will normalize your Blood Glucose

Control Diabetes instead
of letting Diabetes control you

  • Regain control over your Glucose and your life
  • Predictable values ​​upon the Glucometer
  • Get free of chasing Blood Glucose levels, from home
  • Live with better Glycemic Control than non-diabetics
  • Regain control over your body and your life
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Diabetic for over 20 years

Hundreds of customers who have changed their lives

תומר פפה - תזונאי

Blood sugar levels and A1C better than a non-diabetic

What is expected to happen to you after the program

High energy without fluctuations

Diabetics who went through the program testify on better quality of life, concentration levels and more stable energy levels than the daily energy they had in their lives before diabetes. This is the power of normalizing blood glucose levels.

Controlling blood glucose levels without chasing sugar all day

After you understand what to eat, how to exercise and how to adapt all of it to diabetes, the balance becomes simple and you free yourself to the important things in life. You as a diabetic will enjoy more balanced sugar levels than a person who does not have diabetes.

Significant improvement in physical fitness

When the blood sugar balances, our physical fitness improves but without changing our workouts regimen. When we add to the equation the trainings that I developed "training in 20 minutes", real strength is built that can last a lifetime.

Weight loss in a natural way

Losing weight is never the goal itself, it is a natural outcome gaining balance back. Insulin requirements will go down and then the weight can naturally decrease. Losing weight is never the goal but it will naturally occur after balancing our blood glucose and hormones (Insulin is an hormone). When we reduce the insulin requirements - we lose the excess weight.

They gained control over Diabetes

hila aldubi

I strongly recommend being accompanied by Tomer Pepe, not only for diabetes, but also for thyroid imbalance, autoimmune diseases, Tomer has a lot of knowledge and is very tolerant, attentive and accommodating, with experience, critical in a period of change for healing.

rotem 105

I have been a diabetic patient for nearly 20 years who could not balance, I felt bad and very frustrated, thanks to Tomer's treatment I was able to balance, feel good about myself, and control my sugar results! 🙌

I highly recommend listening to Tomer, he has a lot of knowledge and even if you think "you already know everything" he sharpens things and adds great value 🙏

I wholeheartedly recommend Tomer A quality and reliable professional. Above all doubt he cares about each and every one he accompanies. Full of knowledge and desire to lead all my diabetics to a safe and balanced place and overcome difficulty and challenges An amazing person, empathetic and full of patience and inclusion. Those looking to be balanced and healthy Tomer is the address

I highly recommend Tomer who accompanies my teenage daughter. After 6 years with diabetes there is a lot to learn. Tomer changed the way we think about balance and the goals we have held over the years. I recommend it to anyone who feels that they are in an endless and exhausting pursuit of balance.

As a mother of a diabetic and celiac child, an adolescent, who is coping bravely, Tomer acts like a big brother, supports, understands and advises him, Roi is very attached to him. I recommend to all diabetics, to be accompanied by Tomer, he is simply a champion.

Highly recommend Tomer. Professional approach in the field

Highly recommend Tomer's consultation, For anyone interested in a low-carb diet, balancing sugar levels and in general optimal health - Tomer's escorting process is professional and relevant and highly recommended!

Would like to highly recommend Tomer's consultation. Personalized and most professional escort!! Helps me to be attentive to my body and really understand how to take care of it and most importantly to feel good💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

I was glad to meet you Tomer! You know how to guide people through very important lifestyle changes. You know how to support and convey all the information required to understand and believe in these changes. In the end, everyone will find what is good for them and what suits them best, and that is what you are there for.

Amir Meiri

highly recommend! Thank you Tomer for the advice and professional guidance!

Michael Stern

I came to Tomer a year ago, Diabetes has accompanied me for 20 years. Most of my life I have struggled with balance. Boni's menu was mostly made up of carbohydrates. The constant war between injections and carb calculation was frustrating. That's why I became interested in Delp. Tomer accompanied me and supported me throughout the process. Today I have been without carbohydrates for a year, more balanced, thinner and happier. I owe it to Tomer!! I would be happy to recommend to anyone interested... Mickey

Tomer is a professional, caring and extremely professional guy!! With a lot of knowledge and research in the field, sensitive to the customer's needs Knows how to build a menu for everyone according to their limitations in a very professional manner and an excellent sports coach!! recommended!!

Program Duration:
4 months

1st Month - Going through your history and adjusting the program

Going over your history so I can adjust the pace of the program to your current balance. The goal is to lower the sugar levels as soon as possible and stop the 'Blood sugar roller coaster'. I know you've already heard of all kinds of programs, this is a simple method that actually works.

2nd Month - Normalization of blood glucose starts

Beginning of the program. I've already dealt with all the balance levels so no excuses :). We will learn to manage the urge for sweets and carbs, we will learn what to eat and what not to eat, about insulin, challenges such as nighttime and workouts. We will work according to an organized system.

3rd Month - Adjusting the balance

In the follow-up meetings, through the ongoing support on WhatsApp, and with the help of the video and written guides that I have developed over the years (exclusively for the members of the program) - the ground for a long-term balance will be built. There is no technology that will do it for us, I'm talking about true lifelong balance in Blood Glucose. I will send the guides according to your progress.

4th Month - Summary and tools for the future

It is my responsibility to make sure that the tools you have learned will continue to balance your blood glucose in any situation. You will be given six months access to my support portals for free. The purpose of the support is to make sure you continue to balance your sugar down the road, everywhere. I'm not giving you up on your balance.

What will you get?

  • First of all, blood sugar that is balanced to non-diabetic levels, regardless of the technology you currently use to manage diabetes.
  • Diagnosis and a comprehensive review of your personal history.
  • Follow-up online meeting every two weeks, face-to-face or remotely according to your personal preference. I'm not giving up until you've achieved blood sugar control that will bring you to the levels of a person who doesn't have diabetes at least, just as I live today. If you did not balance during the program, we continue until all the tools taught in the program are fully implemented.
  • Written guides that precise the techniques for maintaining balance during physical training - my technique of 'training in 20 minutes' - training for diabetics which both build physical strength and increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Access to my support portal and free video guides!. Who is the program suitable for? Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Nice to meet you

I’m Tomer Pappe

I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of 11. Today I know that diabetes can be controlled and that anyone can improve their life despite diabetes.

  • bullet A1C and blood sugar of a healthy person.
  • bullet Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.
  • bullet A lecturer to promote the message of sugar balance for everyone.

After experimenting with different nutritional approaches and after arriving at the intensive care unit with life-threatening Ketoacidosis while ignoring my blood sugar levels, I changed my life completely.
Today, after quite a few years in which I gained experience in balancing my blood sugar and the blood sugar of others, I believe that anyone can do it. This is the message I want to convey. I don't just say what I think you should do, I live by that myself and take responsibility of my health.

Guidance by

Type 1 diabetic Who normalized his Blood Glucose

  • icon Video tutorial + "balancer kit" that includes my written guide to balance.
  • icon Follow-up meetings with me along the way.
  • icon Ongoing daily support by phone and WhatsApp and, if necessary, counseling for parents and family.
  • icon In-depth and thorough work in coordination with the attending physician.
  • icon Now is the time - join hundreds of diabetics who have dropped their A1C from over 7 to normal levels of 5.
  • icon Balancing diabetes makes us feel the sharpest right here and right now and what's more important is, it prevents complications and by that saves lives.
  • icon Instead of a technology that partially balances us - there is a way that has been balancing diabetics for hundreds of years, to the levels of non-diabetics.

Fill in your details and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

Questions that you might have asked yourself

A diet in which carbohydrates restricted can't be boring?

On the contrary, as soon as we are weaned from the need for carbohydrates (Rehab that we will go through together accompanied by me) we discover that very few carbohydrates can actually satisfy us and that there is a substitute for everything. In terms of diversity, only the imagination is the limit when we use natural raw and organic sources- mainly animal food. Carbohydrates are almost the exclusive factor that harms our efforts to balance blood sugar levels and diabetes could easily be called "carbohydrates intolerance". When we get rid of carbohydrates, the disease is solved.

How is the Program carried out? Do I have to come to meetings physically?

The meetings all taking place on Zoom/Skype so all meetings will be held online.

My son is not willing to listen and he does not understand the importance of nutrition and blood sugar balance. Is the program suitable for him?

for sure. This is exactly the process we go through in the program. Quite a few young diabetics are in a state of denial and I am here to help them. Based on my experience in guiding and accompanying diabetics of all ages, boys and girls, I will convey to your children the importance of the path I went through myself to balance blood sugar while givingyour child a personal example. It is important to note that when it comes to children and adolescents, the process is done in full coordination with the family and the Child’s Doctor. I work with the parents as one unit because you as parents are there with him in the important moments, preparing the meals Etc.

There are many different programs and therapists that offer methods and programs claiming they will balance my blood sugar levels. Why should I choose you?

Excellent question. Unlike programs that talk about goals that are based on pre-written formulas, I come from the field. After I completely balanced my diabetes and figured out the right way to completely balance my blood sugar, I found that the same principles are true for anyone dealing with diabetes. I decided to turn the knowledge I gained into a practical profession and enrolled in Nutrition Science studies at the Hebrew University so that I could spread the message to as many people as possible. I truly believe that diabetes is a curable disease for everyone. Taking control of the disease and preventing future complications are within touching distance of every diabetic, whether type 1, type 2 or Lada. All we have to do is get the right knowledge both scientifically and on a practical level. Type 1 is completely manageable and and that’s why it is a matter of decision.

Is the program suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics?

The program is suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Diabetes could as well be called “carbohydrate intolerance” and this is a principle that will be true for any type of diabetes. Once we took the carbs out of the equation and\or the craving for carbs, we pretty much solved the disease.

During the program between the meetings, how will I know that I am in the right direction?

From the moment you sign up for the program, you are in good hands, and you get access to the ongoing support on a daily basis and receive an answer to any question/concern/queries - in Tomer's personal WhatsApp and groups.

You know that approach that diabetics have to keep their blood sugar high to avoid hypoglycemia?

Yes. It is important to note that keeping diabetics at high values only because of the fear of hypoglycemia causes diabetics around the world to live with severe diabetes complications caused by too high blood sugar. Blood sugar level that is considered too dangerous for a person who does not have diabetes will necessarily be too dangerous for a person who has diabetes. We are subject to the same biological laws, diabetics and non-diabetics. There are enough famous groups and communities of diabetics around the world that live in those levels of blood sugar 24\7, the same values that I present on my website and by which I live (totally normal values in which you feel the sharpest and most focused, as opposed to situations in which the blood sugar climbs above 120, where you begin to feel thirsty and exhausted, from experience). Let's not forget that living with diabetes complications caused by too high blood sugar over time is not the easiest life to live. Today we see more and more people in the general population (including those with pre-diabetes) who live with some variation of diabetes complications.

The fact that you are constantly balanced between 70-100 doesn't cause you hypoglycemias?

To tell the truth the opposite is true. Hypoglycemia events have decreased significantly to close to 0 events since I changed my diet and since my blood sugar has remained stable without fluctuations throughout the day. When the sugar is balanced, we avoid diabetes complications, but more importantly, we feel healthy and clear minded throughout the day. I have lived with diabetes for decades. Ever since I changed my diet several years ago, hypoglycemias have disappeared to the peace of mind of my family. Actually, when I lived according to the accepted guidelines and when my blood sugar was fluctuating up and down between 300 mg/dl and 40 mg/dl, I experienced extremely severe hypoglycemia events, which brought me close to death more than once. I think you can understand which approach was more dangerous for me.

What about the new technologies and the 'artificial pancreas'? Does it not solve the diabetes?

During my years with diabetes, technologies have come and go but no technology has balanced my blood sugar levels to the levels that these basic lifestyle changes has balanced my blood sugar. Beyond that, true control of blood sugar levels comes only from lifestyle changes. The best technology in the world will not be able to balance the rapid spike in blood sugar that occurs after eating fast, processed carbohydrates. One thing is certain, both I and people who have been living with diabetes for a few decades, managed to balance their blood sugar to more balanced levels than a person who does not have diabetes, solely with the help of a blood glucose meter that measures blood from the finger and with the help of syringes that have been around for almost 100 years. Everything starts and ends with the food that goes into our mouths and there is no technology that will do that for us at least not in the foreseeable future. That's how it always was and that's how it always will be. Any diabetic will testify, it is not the injections that disturb but the feeling of lack of control. Technology won't help with that either. There is a method that works without technologies and without pills, only through changing the lifestyle.

I think I'm pretty balanced, why would I want to get to levels of 70-100 mg/dl?

People who walk around with an A1C levels of over 5.7 do not control their blood sugar levels and some will even say that even A1C over 5.2 is too high. Diabetics are entitled to the same blood sugar levels as a person who does not have diabetes. It makes no sense that I, as a diabetic, would walk around with an A1C of 6 or 6.5 and the doctors would say this is a perfect value for me and for my body, if it were an achievement. unless it is a temporary improvement on the way to real balance. As mammals on Earth, our body always strives for a blood sugar concentration of between 70 and 100 mg/dL, when we wake up, before training, after and during training, while eating, before we eat and after we eat, during sleep and simply in any situation, with the exception of some very specific situations of getting out of range temporarily or in pathological situations aka nonfunctioning pancreas. Changing my diet has made my blood sugar very predictable and this is my victory over this disease. Today, this lifestyle does not manage me and exactly the opposite. When I ate the Standard American Diet, diabetes completely managed my life and controlled me, when one blood check could indicate hypoglycemia and the other could indicate hyperglycemia for no apparent reason. Today I manage this disease and it is in the basis for all life aspects. This is a pathological condition and walking around all day with a blood sugar of 200 mg/dl only due to the fear of hypoglycemia or due to the inability to balance the patient's blood sugar is putting us diabetics in danger. Even walking around all day with 140 mg/dL is not normal, and even 120 mg/dl. Our body simply does not want to be in these blood glucose levels, just like any other living creature functions naturally and optimally.