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Balance any disease

Manage the disease
instead of the disease managing you

  • Disconnect from the feelings of fatigue and live at a high energy level
  • Get rid of the urges for sugar and sweets
  • Over a decade of experience in accompanying people with special chronic conditions
  • Lose weight through a long-term change - not a "quick solution program"
Free consultation

I have had diabetes for over 20 years

Hundreds of customers who have changed their lives

Over 10 years experience in coaching chronic illness patients

What is expected to happen to you after the program?

High energy levels throughout the day

The changes in the program are taught simply step by step. After the learning period, people testify that they find they have more time throughout the day and that they are more focused during this time.

Higher ability to concentrate during the day

Improvement in most parameters and a significant increase in daily energy levels. When we know how to balance our condition from the inside, we will understand how much the feelings of fatigue and fluctuations in energy ruled our lives till the change. We will change our psychology to an approach of initiating instead of reacting.

Significant improvement in physical fitness

When the blood sugar is balanced our physical fitness improves even when we have not changed anything in our training program. When we add to that some specific strength training in the format of "20 minutes workout" we can get to a physical fitness at levels we did not know before.

Weight loss

Weight loss is never the goal but it will appear indirectly. As soon as we reduce carbohydrates we will reduce the body's insulin requirements and as a result of that cycle weight will decrease. This is especially relevant for type 2 diabetics. Blood Sugar balance is the solution to most of today's 'diseases of abundance'

They improved their health too

hila aldubi

I strongly recommend being accompanied by Tomer Pepe, not only for diabetes, but also for thyroid imbalance, autoimmune diseases, Tomer has a lot of knowledge and is very tolerant, attentive and accommodating, with experience, critical in a period of change for healing.

rotem 105

I have been a diabetic patient for nearly 20 years who could not balance, I felt bad and very frustrated, thanks to Tomer's treatment I was able to balance, feel good about myself, and control my sugar results! 🙌

I highly recommend listening to Tomer, he has a lot of knowledge and even if you think "you already know everything" he sharpens things and adds great value 🙏

I wholeheartedly recommend Tomer A quality and reliable professional. Above all doubt he cares about each and every one he accompanies. Full of knowledge and desire to lead all my diabetics to a safe and balanced place and overcome difficulty and challenges An amazing person, empathetic and full of patience and inclusion. Those looking to be balanced and healthy Tomer is the address

I highly recommend Tomer who accompanies my teenage daughter. After 6 years with diabetes there is a lot to learn. Tomer changed the way we think about balance and the goals we have held over the years. I recommend it to anyone who feels that they are in an endless and exhausting pursuit of balance.

As a mother of a diabetic and celiac child, an adolescent, who is coping bravely, Tomer acts like a big brother, supports, understands and advises him, Roi is very attached to him. I recommend to all diabetics, to be accompanied by Tomer, he is simply a champion.

Highly recommend Tomer. Professional approach in the field

Highly recommend Tomer's consultation, For anyone interested in a low-carb diet, balancing sugar levels and in general optimal health - Tomer's escorting process is professional and relevant and highly recommended!

Would like to highly recommend Tomer's consultation. Personalized and most professional escort!! Helps me to be attentive to my body and really understand how to take care of it and most importantly to feel good💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

I was glad to meet you Tomer! You know how to guide people through very important lifestyle changes. You know how to support and convey all the information required to understand and believe in these changes. In the end, everyone will find what is good for them and what suits them best, and that is what you are there for.

Amir Meiri

highly recommend! Thank you Tomer for the advice and professional guidance!

Michael Stern

I came to Tomer a year ago, Diabetes has accompanied me for 20 years. Most of my life I have struggled with balance. Boni's menu was mostly made up of carbohydrates. The constant war between injections and carb calculation was frustrating. That's why I became interested in Delp. Tomer accompanied me and supported me throughout the process. Today I have been without carbohydrates for a year, more balanced, thinner and happier. I owe it to Tomer!! I would be happy to recommend to anyone interested... Mickey

Tomer is a professional, caring and extremely professional guy!! With a lot of knowledge and research in the field, sensitive to the customer's needs Knows how to build a menu for everyone according to their limitations in a very professional manner and an excellent sports coach!! recommended!!

How does the program work?

first step - Collecting personal data

1-3 first meetings of the program we will collect data and go over previous tests. This is the most crucial step of the program. Then I will be able to set goals based on your personal situation

Second step - new habits at a pace and in a way that is right for you

3 sessions in which we will cross information with your personal story and understand the connection between food, stress management, sleep and detoxification for real health and high levels of energy and concentration thought the day

Third step - improving sleep and reducing daily anxiety

1-2 sessions where we will learn to reduce stress. The mental side of the program is among the most important to complete the healing process and strengthen the body. I will teach you stress management techniques that won't take a lot of time out of your day

Last step - training every other day and implementing the program

3 final sessions in which I will teach you strength training in the format of "training in less than 20 minutes" which I put together and developed. In the final stage, I make sure that the tools you learned will continue to assist you along the way wherever you go and in any situation. It is not a “Temporary solution”. I want to make sure you get tools for life.

Nice to meet you

I’m Tomer Pepe

I have had type 1 diabetes since the age of 11. Today I know that diabetes, like any disease, can be controlled and that anyone can improve their life.

  • Personal Trainer and Nutrition Science student
  • Coaching chronic patients for over a decade
  • I am a strong believer of healing the body from the root, and not by treating the symptoms

After personal experience, experimenting with different nutritional approaches and after arriving at the intensive care unit with life-threatening ketoacidosis, I changed my life completely. It is important for me to convey the message that as I managed to balance my diabetes completely, anyone can do it with any condition and any disease.

Program led by

Type 1 Diabetic Coach

  • icon Learn to balance any condition with the guidance of someone who has experience with diabetes and diabetics training as a coach and mentor.
  • icon The program is given a lot through personal example.
  • icon Close work with you and parents and family when needed.
  • icon A lot of secrets and tips from my own experience

Fill in the details and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

Questions that you may have asked yourself?

Is the program really suitable for the balance of any disease?

With the exception of diseases caused by some irreversible damage to a certain organ or system in the body, the program is suitable for balancing and managing any disease. In the consultation sessions with me, we answer this question, among other subjects. If we take for example type 1 diabetes which is a chronic disease, I completely balance my condition with diet and exercise. This way I manage the disease completely without it managing me, but I still test my own blood sugar and use insulin in minimal physiological amounts. Insulin is a hormone that the pancreas produces in the bodies of those who do not have diabetes and those who have diabetes receive the same hormone externally. So yes the disease is balanced and I enjoy clarity of thought, high energy throughout the day and balance of all the other parameters in the blood but I still manage it on "autopilot".

Is a diet in which carbohydrates are restricted not boring?

Definately not. On the contrary, as soon as we are weaned from the need for carbohydrates (Rehab that we will go through together accompanied by me) we discover that very few carbohydrates can actually satisfy us and that there is a substitute for everything. In terms of diversity, only the imagination is the limit when we use natural raw and organic sources- mainly animal food. Carbohydrates are almost the exclusive factor that harms our efforts to balance blood sugar levels and diabetes could easily be called "carbohydrates intolerance". When we get rid of carbohydrates, the disease is solved.

How is the Program carried out? Do I have to come to meetings physically?

The first meeting is face-to-face and takes place in the office in Tel Aviv, and then the meetings can be continued via Zoom/Skype. If for some reason it is not possible to meet face-to-face then all meetings can be held online.

There are many programs and therapists that promise "healing" or "balancing". Why should I choose you?

Excellent question. Unlike programs that talk about goals that are based on pre-written formulas, I come from the field. After completely balancing my own type 1 diabetes, I discovered that the same principles hold true for anyone dealing with any chronic illness. I decided to turn the knowledge I gained into a practical profession and enrolled in Nutrition Science studies at the Hebrew University so that I could spread the message to as many people as possible. Like type 1 diabetes, most modern diseases, some of which are defined as autoimmune diseases, are diseases that can be balanced and managed. All we have to do is get the right knowledge both scientifically and on a practical level.