Paired Autoimmune Diseases

What is the connection between Type 1 Diabetes Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, Celiac disease and many other autoimmune conditions?

First, if you already have one, it doesn’t mean that you will certainly have another one or more paired diseases, but it does mean that your chances to have more than one autoimmune conditions are higher .

People with Autoimmune condition are susceptible to unbalanced immune system that can damage other organs in the body.

With that been said – all of that can be avoided in advance and you can balance your immune system and calm it down. these conditions arise from unnatural lifestyle. the moment you will get back to the diet that is natural to our species and get rid of any toxins, from the outside and the inside, you will get out of the self distracting autoimmunity roller coaster.

We know today, that many of these disorders appear together in patients who get diagnosed with one of the above conditions.

Type 1 Diabetes is associated with Hashimoto’s and that totally makes sense when you understand how the glands works together in harmony in our bodies! once you put one of the glands out of the natural healthy balance, the other glands going to suffer too. The thyroid is a very sensitive gland, who in it natural state is reacting to changes all the time. when you need to rest it will release less thyroid hormones, when you are in danger and need to “fight or flight”- it will release extra amount of thyroid hormones for your body to use fast for available energy.

Once your blood glucose is out of control and your pancreas is not reacting, the thyroid has to handle with a challenging task. a task that will burden it capacity after a while.

The Vitamin D connection

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