All it takes is to not interfere with the body’s healing and to provide it with the best ground for it-
Disengage from the destructive habits of modern life.

How? We will get to the root cause that puts your body out of balance


Physical examination and relevant data collection

Rule out any deficiencies- we will go by the real ranges and not the commonly too wide ranges

Crossing the information we gathered with personal history as past trauma for example

Next would be rolling out the program with Tomer and the team.

The most important change would be in your eating habits.

What not to eat and most importantly what to eat and when to eat.

You will base your meals on high quality, clean and locally grown animal products.

After you got the eating part of the plan understood, we will work on reducing stress

Improving sleep quality and reducing daily anxiety by simple and proven techniques

Gradually introducing mild exercises into your routine

A story for example:

Nataly called me several years ago. after years of a bad diet and early emotional trauma she was exhausted. physically and mentally. she suffered from chronic muscle pain and as a result from thyroid issues. She spent years going from one medical expert to the other. after a 30 minutes talk and going through her entire medical history I suggested a new way of eating based on high protein from high quality animal sources locally grown. she also got guidelines of what anti-nutrients she has to avoid with all cost in order to not fuel her existing problems.

We made a deal that Nataly will have to gradually expose herself to the the sun. We decided that despite her everyday assignments it is best to start with a few minutes a day and increase the time in the sun each week. Once the adjustment period ends, she can stay in the sun for as long as she wants (without getting burned!). The sun was crucial to Natalie’s recovery.

After 3 month time she got her energy back, she wasn’t brain fogged anymore and she stopped completely with painkillers and other toxic medications. Some were quite potent “anti inflammatory” drugs. Of course she also lost weight on the process but that was never our main goal. Her Doctor thought in the beginning that it is just impossible and he even suspected that her tests was accidently misplaced with another patient.

All Nataly needed were really some simple changes in her ways of eating and stress management. It’s that simple. She also started making long walks every other day and felt amazing with it.

She got the know-how Tomer had gathered through many years of research on his own, and later in his work. practically and scientifically.

Nataly’s story is just one example of how one can treat and correct dysfunctionality, deficiencies and by that autoimmune diseases. You give the body the soil he needs to thrive on and it will stabilize it immunity status and by that every aspect of health

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IMPORTANT: We will always work with your doctor. Every step will be taken in full cooperation with your Health care provider.